Filter Fan Units (FFU) VeFiMo standard, economy, flatline

Min: €0 Max: €1500

Filter Fan Units VeFiMo economy

Filter Fan Units

Whether installed in a large-area cleanroom ceiling or as a clean air module for miniature atmospheres, the Filter Fan Unit is versatile. In the foreground is always the customer requirement for product and / or personal protection. The VeFiMo economy consists of a lightweight housing construction made of aluminum combined with the HEPA filter. Built into the housing is a motor-impeller combination with a highly efficient EC motor. The Filter Fan Unit sucks the air from above from a plenum and conveys it through the HEPA filter cell into the protected area.

The VeFiMo economy can be used up to clean room class 1 according to DIN EN 14644-1 or up to class A according to EC GMP.

VeFiMo v-line, size 05.

€1.165,28 * Unit price: €1.165,28 / Piece

VeFiMo v-line, size 05. Intensive air cleaning through 2 filter levels, energy-saving and efficient