Material locks and pass through

material locks

Materia locks

Material transfer has always been used to safely transport materials into the clean room. Whether in the simplest form as a hatch with 2 interlocked doors or as an active air shower, we design and produce lock systems for a wide variety of applications.

The design of the active and passive passages (MLL active or passive) has been chosen so that the locks can be used as a modular system, as a single lock or as a double lock. This ensures a wide range of applications in the daily production process. During the development of the overall system, a clear, practicable and user-friendly design with high quality standard was consciously respected.




Pharmaceutical Industry
Chemical industry
testing laboratories
Laboratory animal care

Our production spectrum:

Material passing MLL passive
Active material locks MLL active
Material locks MLL combi-active
Material locks MLL UVC active
H2O2-decontaminatable lock systems
High-speed door, pressure-stable, suitable for clean rooms
Airmatik Safety doors (gas-tight doors)
Custom solutions made to measure


Material locks MLL series

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